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June 1, 2020

Get Out and Drive!

How participating in community and sharing skills fosters personal growth and camaraderie.

Mariana Small
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Someone recently shared that life’s purpose was to discover one’s own gifts and then give them away freely. This gave me pause but then I realized, what brings joy and satisfaction to bothChristina and I, through Accelerating Change, is indeed just that.

A little over a year ago Christina participated in a Women in Automotive panel during an event I was producing. After the event we got together and started talking about things that we each found exciting and fun, and some cool projects we’d like to see come to life. We realized throughout our conversations, a common theme was the need for opportunities for people to experience new things, explore their potential and make part of a community that is dedicated to seeing them succeed and to clap loudly for them. And so, the idea of Accelerating Change was born.

If you know me at all, you know I am uncomfortable saying we “empower women”. The idea of empowerment must come from within; what we can do is create opportunities for exploration, to overcome challenges and to enjoy success and achievements which will in turn foster a sense of empowerment.

Best-self Activation Video:

A highlight reel is a representation of reality and proves what they’re capable of. Athletes make those peek behaviors as part of their selves when they think about themselves.This is called Chronic Accessibility. It’s what comes to mind when you think about yourself? If we provide evidence & reflection on what we care capable of at our best, that ourself would start to believe these things, and would this change our behavior? The seeking system: it’s a neuro-scientific terms used for the part of the brain (ventral striatum)that is dedicated to getting us to explore our environment and understand our ability to make an impact. Cause and effect. When the ventral striatum is activated, it releases dopamine(enthusiasm maker). We get a reward that makes life more worth living. When you get people to think about their best selves, it makes people want to do better in life.

Reflected Best Self:

You’re living eulogy. It makes people more resilient in the face of stress and more resistant to disease. It lights up your mind, makes you a better problem-solver.

Figure out what my gifts are to give them away. This makes people feel invigorated. If we help people find their gifts, their instinct is to give them away.

About the author:
Mariana Small

Prior to Accelerating Change, Mariana led multi-national, cross-functional teams executing market research, design, communications, media buying, and events. She began working with female-focused organizations back in 2009 after joining the Los Angeles chapter of the Association of Junior Leagues International.
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