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Porsche Performance Drives at Eagles Canyon Raceway

November 7, 2021

Join Accelerating Change x Porsche Performance Drives at Eagles Canyon Raceway for an exciting day of timed autocross, lead/follow, off-road, and hot laps in Porsche's latest and greatest models including the Taycan Turbo S. 

Eagles Canyon Raceway

7629 FM 51

Decatur, TX 76234


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Accelerating Change has partnered with Porsche Performance Drives to bring you an exciting afternoon at Eagles Canyon Raceway. You'll spend the afternoon experiencing the power and handling of the latest Porsche models in a setting designed for optimal performance!

You will have professional instruction from Porsche Track Experience instructors and gain insight into the safety measures and handling of Porsches in various situations. 

You will rotate through three different driving exercises - Timed Autocross, Lead/Follow, Off-Road - and conclude with a Hot Lap. During this thrilling Hot Lap, you will ride in the new Taycan Turbo S, driven by specially-trained and highly-skilled Porsche Track Experience instructors. Through these exercises, you will understand the principle that originates on the racetrack and embodies every single Porsche - Intelligent Performance. 

Autocross: An engaging timed autocross competition will immerse drivers in the full potential of the Porsche 718 Cayman, highlighting acceleration, braking, and handling.

Lead/Follow: Instructors pace participants around an exciting layout in a Porsche 911 and a Panamera. Smile, you'll be on camera.

Off-Road: Guests will experience how the Cayenne makes Porsche even more fascinating and diverse by taking turns driving through a woods trail course.

Hot Laps: At the end of each session, participants can ride along for a high-speed lap around the track in the new all-electric Taycan with a certified Porsche Track Experience instructor. 

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Your safety is our top priority. Click here to read about the COVID-19 Policy & Safety Procedures.

In order to drive participants must be 21+ years old and must possess a current, valid driver's license. Participants ages 16-20 years old may ride along only and must possess a valid form of ID with date of birth. Minors, ages 16-18 years old, must have a guardian present to co-sign a waiver.

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