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Submission Guidelines:

The Short & Sweet:

• Word Count: Approximately 500-1,000 words
Topic: Discussed and approved by an Accelerating Change team member
Photos: Please provide 1-5 max. photos relevant to the topic (can be uploaded after form is submitted below)
• Please include a short, boiler-plate style bio about yourself
Submission: Please use the form below for all submissions
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Writing Prompts:

• Are you passionate about a brand or an activity/skill related to our industry? Tell us why.
• Give advice on something you wished someone had shared with you: your first track day, things to know when buying a new car, finding a mechanic, etc.
• Have you learned things along the way that you’d like to pass down? Share them!
• Is there something you couldn’t do without (a process to check your car before a track day, a checklist of what you look for in a dealership or mechanic)? Help others shorten the learning curve and share it!
• Friends keep the world going ‘round; share what your friends in automotive mean to you and why.

Headline Ideas:

• Top five tips for choosing a mechanic.
• Top five tips of things to look out for when going into a dealership.
• Why [the brand you’re passionate about]?
• The best angles for car photography.
• Making the track day a family affair.
• Top 5 things to ask for when getting your car repaired.
• How to prepare yourself for a day on track.

Style Guide:

• Where possible, include numbered lists, bullets, and subheadings.
• Remember, many readers will skim content first, so clarity and easy reading are key.
• Use casual, everyday words rather than academic or formal language. Please avoid advertorial content or overly promotional language.
• When applicable, include expert advice. Citing your source adds credibility so feel free to link to a study or expert source to help prove your point.
• Be sure to include a headline. We may tweak it for various reasons, but your suggestions make our job easier.
• We may edit content for clarity, but we will do our best to preserve your unique style and voice.
• We do check for plagiarism to ensure all the content we post is authentic.

What Makes A Strong Article?

• Readers are interested in authenticity and genuine experiences. Share strong examples and paint a vivid picture readers can relate to. Avoid clichés and the same information readers may have read thousands of times.
• Insightful, empowering, relatable content is what will draw the readers in.
• Accelerating Change is dedicated to building people up, inspiring them, helping them achieve their goals, build a community and we strive to provide content that reflects as much.


Can I republish my submission on my blog?

• Absolutely! However, we need to publish it first and require that you do not submit it to another organization related to women in automotive. We’d also love for you to link back to your article on our website from your digital platforms, forums on which you participate and more. Please do not include affiliate or paid links.

• We love back-linking: when appropriate, we’d love for you to reference other posts on the Accelerating Change website.

Should I include an author bio?

• We’d love for you to! This is a great way to showcase your expertise and give your readers a bit more insight about you. Keep it fun and casual, and no longer than 3-5 sentences. Feel free to mention your professional associations, other organizations you belong to, other websites for which you’ve contributed content, and your own website.

I’ve just submitted by article. What happens now?

• Firstly, thank you! We’re excited to include your content and we appreciate the time and work you put in to creating something special for our readers. The Accelerating Change editors will be reviewing the content and prepping it for publication. If we have feedback or questions, we’ll email you back for clarification. Once the revisions are complete, we will schedule your post for publication.

The article is live. Now what?

• Congratulations! We’re excited to share your story, both on our website and our social media platforms. We are sure you too are excited so please share it on your own social media platforms and link it back to the Accelerating Change website or tag our social media accounts. Sharing your article helps us all: more people get to read your story and learn more about you, and you help encourage more people join the Accelerating Change community. We also hope you’ll read and be active in the comments, responding to readers’ questions or thoughts.

How should I link Accelerating Change to the article?

Instagram: @acceleratingchange
Facebook: @acceleratingchangeorg
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Submission Checklist:

• Fill out the submission form
• Send corresponding photos to email address listed on form submission confirmation page

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